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37th Kasseler Dokfest
Kassel, Germany

Xi’an Eurasia University
Media Arts Workshop
Xian, China

A tree that weighs,       
    a tree that measures               

multimedia installation
dimensions vary
resolution is 1080p

LED-fluorescents, two 3d-animated GIFs

A tree that weighs, a tree that measures is installed on a carob tree in Ibiza. The installation is used as an element to compliment the carob tree’s sculptural qualities.

Carob tree (ceratonia siliqua) is very common in all the Mediterranean as well as the Middle-East. Taking its name from the Arabic word kharrūb, the carob pods were used for many purposes in history; as aphrodisiacs; as tools of measurement of valuable gems, as the last source of nutrition in the times of famines. Thus, the word carat, the unit of weight for precious stones and pearls, comes from the roots of the Greek word keration, meaning carob seeds.

this project is supported and sponsored by Ses Dotze Naus

with special thanks to Maira Miramar

photographed by Laura Gaumbo