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East China University of Science and Technology
Media Arts Workshop
Shanghai, China

I’m Meta
Group Exhibition
Shanghai, China

Aurora Museum
Media Arts Workshop
Shanghai, China

YAM Open
Group Exhibition
Qingdao, China


interactive light-sculpture
approx. 300X300X300cm

acrylic glass, LED strips
custom-hardware & software

Mnemonic is a light-sculpture that emulates a sensorial feedback loop that can be manipulated by a user’s brainwave signals.

exhibition design
Bora Saraç

with special thanks to Bora Saraç, Irmak Karasu, Toprak Coşkun Deniz, TVS Production, Oğuz Yenen and Şirin Dağtekin Yenen

the project is supported and sponsored by Istanbul Bilgi University & Borusan Contemporary