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Release dressoir V01

object assamblage
with performances

Release dressoirs is a series of object assemblages embedded with performances. Every dressoir comes with a selection of objects and plants, a deck of cards for the performances and a voice recorder+speaker. I have been collecting these objects since 2019 from Beirut and Tripoli, some of the objects are installed as is, some of them are materially manipulated and some of them are produced by myself. I have been using them as a support toolkit to deal with trauma and addiction. 

The legend for the objects is as below;

(1) an avocado seed grown in a glass shell of nargile (sisha)
(2) several plants of choice
(3) a lemon tree
(4) old figurines with manipulated heads ~ to smoke with
(5) found drawings/paintings of youth
(6) collection of rocks embedded with ancient fish bones
(7) a silver bowl for spitting in
(8) a head of a human dummy or a baby
(9)  used or stolen underwear in resin with peeled pomelo fruit skin
(10) found plastic waste ~ this one was found on a beach overlooking Beirut
(11) a silver bowl for keeping pubic hair
(12) an old pair of scissors
(13) a porcelain cock without a head
(14) a judo trophy
(15) Judo and self-defence for Woman and Girls by Pat and Karen Butler
(16) an old parfume bottle filled with bath water
(17) cupboard for deck of performance cards & voice recorder
(18) cupboard with soaps and towels

The dressoirs should be installed in front of a scratched wall that reveals what’s underneath.

The regulations of the dressoir goes as follows; (1) one should feel lonely, anxious, traumatized, addicted or relapsing. (2) when the obsessive urge arises or when the user feels lonely and/or anxious, the user should pick a card from the deck and perform the card (3) the user should keep on drawing cards since the urge goes away and the user feels more relaxed.

Whenever the user feels ready, the user can use the voice recorder to listen to and/or record a story of trauma, abuse and/or addiction, at any needed instance.

Either the user interacts with the dressoir or not, the plants should be well taken care of. 

with special thanks to Christian Sleiman, Vida Guzmic photographs Bilal Houssami