Recent Events

37th Kasseler Dokfest
Kassel, Germany

Xi’an Eurasia University
Media Arts Workshop
Xian, China


light&video sculpture
approx. 100X100X300cm
duration is 75mins loop

acrylic glass, LED strips, LCD monitor
custom-hardware & software

Witness is a light&video sculpture that documents a performance of free-association through images. The video includes the verbal responses of the performer (Elif Kahveci) as well as the blood-oscillation levels in the performer’s prefrontal cortex. Prefrontal cortex is most of the time associated to language processing.

performance for video
Elif Kahveci

with special thanks to Bora Saraç, Burak Ata,  Burak Dak, Huo Rf, Sabo, Sena, Yunus Gökdağ and Prof. Dr. Ata Akın

photographed by Alican Aktürk